Dear Virginia Republicans,

What a great time it is to be a Republican! After two years of tough losses, the Grand Old Party came roaring back with historic gains nationally in Congress. Our Party also almost shocked the world here in Virginia, and I extend my hearty congratulations and thanks to Ed Gillespie and his team for a job well done.

I also thank Chairman Pat Mullins for his many years of leadership. His professional and conservative leadership style has served the Party very well and he will be missed by all of us.

My friends, our work is by no means done. The results of this past Tuesday do not solve the many problems facing the Republican Party of Virginia. Our fundraising is not what it should be, we still have a significant technological gap to the progressives and we are plagued by infighting. It is time for our leaders in the Party to step forward and fix these problems, and the grassroots has to lead the way in this. That is why I am announcing today that I am running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

For the past few years as Chairman of the 10th District Committee, I have worked with my team to develop a strategic plan for our Committee to win elections without compromising our grassroots conservative values. The results in our District have been amazing.

We have created a Budget and Finance Committee that keeps our Committee fiscally sound and assists the Chairman in the critical task of fundraising. We have hired our own field staff to assist our campaigns in the ground game. We have a strong minority engagement plan that is critical to our future success as a Party. We have planned and executed complex nominating processes and built our own database of tens of thousands of Republican voters in our District. But most of all, we win elections in the critical area of Northern Virginia. We won our District for Romney, we won it for Cuccinelli and Tuesday we won it for Gillespie. Oh, and by the way, we beat the progressive Democrat (who out-spent our congressional nominee) by over 16 points!

John+SteveMCAs your Chairman I will take these successes to the state level. I will immediately create a new fundraising apparatus that will make us an independent force in Virginia politics, no longer dependent on elected officials for our functioning. I will finish the work of Chairman Mullins to solidify our database and finally bring us on par with our opponents once and for all. I will continue the work to bring new voters into the Party from communities that traditionally vote for Democrats. Most of all though, I will unite this Party toward one common goal – electing conservative Republicans to every level of government.

I am honored to have the support of so many State Central Committee members already and I will be reaching out to each and every member to lay out my vision for the Party in the next few weeks. I am very excited to hear from each of you on your ideas for change within our Party and I look forward to working with you.

Folks, there is a lot of work to do and we need a strong Chairman to lead our Party through this critical time. I am that leader, and with your help there is no limit on what we can do.

God bless you and our Party.



John Whitbeck